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Escape Artist

started by Ryan_ on Friday, November 29, 2013 at 8:21pm PST
modified on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 1:52pm PDT

Taylor was uncomfortable. She was bound to the bed, wearing nothing but a t-shirt. The ropes burned her wrists as she struggled The rough yarn on her skin making her weak with pain. Her toes fumbled with her threadbare socks, working new holes in the fabric as the hours slipped by. "Why do you struggle so much beautiful?" becuase your a stuggle you cunt her captor said.

Taylor had been taken about a week ago, or more, or less as she didn't know since she was struggling for her life daily. She hated the man who had kidnapped her, who she had trusted, whom she had loved and now she was somewhere being held captive for someone. Earlier what ever time before her capturing her bff who happens to be also a guy told her they needed to talk. Boy she wished she had talked to him instead of going on the date which was a trap. She was still struggling and her eex (evil ex) as she called him now, was mumbling to something she couldn't see. Suddenly he turned and gave the smile that had gotten her attention in the beggining. Taylor only then realized in the hidden pocket she put in all her shirts.

"Oh, we'll have some fun tonight" Taylor had mentally steeled herself for this moment; when her captor arrogantly assumed that he was in control. Over the last several moments, Taylor had reserved every ounce of her waning strength into a perfectly timed, deadly lunge. Feeling his foul, fetid breath on her neck, Taylor was calculating every strike necessary to incapacitate this scum.

As he began to reach, she began to reach. Her continuous struggling had finally loosened the hastily tied bonds keeping Taylor's hands to the bed. The rope near her weapon now had plenty of slack, enough for Taylor to retrieve the object of her deliverance. The sound of a double-bladed knife, when inserted between the ribs and twisted, makes a unique sickening squish as it severs each layer of a human torso.


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