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Zero Social Life

started by kriknerual on Monday, December 2, 2013 at 7:34pm PST
modified on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 7:38am PST

Once there was a young teenage girl who spent the majority of her time social networking rather than doing anything productive. The girl – Aisley – spent long nights scrolling endlessly through Facebook, constantly refreshing the page for new messages. Of course nothing ever happened and no messages were recieved, but to no avail on her part. She had many "friends", yet few friends. Of the friends that she possesed, Aisley didn't much care for any of them. There was Marissa who had the problematic case of 'Cranial-Rectitis' wherein she was overconfident and had an all-around bad attitude.

Of course the worst was Talena who was the nightmare across the street making her a required friend. Her parents loved her and thought her an angel. hahaha. God she hated her social life.

Of course, this was only what Emma, the chubby dark-haired 'nerd' of the school, thought was true. In reality, it was Emma who hated her social life, spending all her time obsessing over bland poorly drawn renditions of Japanese pretty boys and reading fanfiction of those pretty boys engaged in unseemly acts. Aisley, meanwhile, actually did indeed value the friends she had, and together they were able to not only socialize outside of home and school, but also study with each other to excel academically. "I don't need friends that don't like anime," said Emma as she looked at yet another picture of an anime character being sad and/or homosexual (which, by the way, is not inappropriate content. Homosexuality is completely acceptable in these modern times and reporting this is unjust.)


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