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started by sareaqaz on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 at 9:30pm PST
modified on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 7:46am PDT

Day 1 of the lost kitten case: i have been asighned a stupid mission. Find a kitten for a spoiled rich brat. Have seriously considered refusal but i need the bussiness. Dammit, not many people come to me now. Fml for i actually consider what my brother has told me ; quit and get real. But i love detective work way too much.

Day 2 of lost kitten case: something very odd happened today. I found a kitten matching the exact description of the cat that I was supposed to find. "That was too easy!" I angrily screamed. I then turned around sat down with my arms folded. Eventually I got up and took the kitten into my arms. It was then that things got really weird. "Put me down!" the kitten said. "How are you talking?," I asked, "Aren't you, like, a cat or something?". "No," said the cat, "I'm the dark lord Satan!" well then. I pulled out my trusty recorder and played Beethoven's fifth. Then I pulled out my actual detective recorder and made a quick note: "Cat obviously suffers from disassociative personality disorder. Believes itself to be the dark Lord Satan (bless his dark name) among possible others." The cat looked at me furiously, exclaiming, "How dare you talk to your own dear mother like that!!!" I made another quick note: "My mother is one personality. It even got the voice right."

I woke up in bed, i looked around me, "thank god that was only a dream" I said to myself.


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