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Darkness as far as the eye can see shows not a glimpse of the light, but the light of a glimpse. So brilliant is the light, that unwary travelers were often lured to the dark forest thinking the glimpse was refuge, rather than the deadly evil it represented. Eeltu Fosgah dwelled within that darkness and had been a evil malevolent force since the end of the Q'antir Elemental Wars. Coll Merdit was one of the few who was unaffected by the stories, legends, and mysteries lurking within Wescan forest To him, Eeltu Fosgah was literary fodder for bedtime children's stories, and not considered a viable threat to Coll's village, Every so often, brave sounding men would muster their courage, give big speeches about eliminating the source of their anxiety, and then do absolutely nothing but cower in their homes like the rest. One of these men was the local innkeeper, Joseph Blosden, or "Uncle Joe" as most of the regulars called him. Uncle Joe had a serious problem; apparently with everyone. Loud-mouthed and quick-tempered, Joe Blosden was the type of man who bullied anyone who didn't fight back.


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