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Wrapped up by his three year-old arms, comfortably curled up into his tiny lap, she slept. Secure in the knowledge that no harm would befall her.

384 days had passed since they had met, and 318 since she found the letter. Although she had never admitted it to herself, somewhere deep inside, she had known. As she read the words she smiled. She read, "Happy birthday Jason. We hope you will cherish this toy as much as your grandfather did when he was young. We love you, Mom and Dad"

She was afraid though. What happens when Jason gets old? She didn’t want to be put back in a box in some dark dank place. Her life was misrable in that box and to be put back in there was her nightmare but she knew Jason would love her for the next few years and this fact comforted her almost as much as the fact Jason loves her.

She had become friends with many of his other toys. A pirate, a cow, a dragon, and a knight just to name a few. She had even become friends with the cat, not an easy task.

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