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A pair of beady eyes gleamed in the darkness, distracting me from sleep. I sat up quickly and saw the body that the eyes belonged to at the foot of my bed. But it wasn’t a human body The moaning and chilled air suggested something else… something darker

It felt awful. The fealing that ………… thing was giving me shone darckly of a desire. A desire to destroy the world, a desire to kill anything in its way, a desire …… to kill me.

I yelled. No noise came out of my mouth. Getting out of bed was not an option the body of the monster was one I knew well though. It was that of the neighbors most hated chicken. I didn’t know what to do. I hoped this was all a dream and covered my head with my blanket. Suddenly I heard as it jumped. It jumped on the bed and I was sweating like a dog. I felt it rear up and ……………….. I fealt nothing. I opened my eyes seeing it was still dark and totally real.I peaked out. The chicken was frozen in place. Weird.

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