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Power, one of the many things that can corrupt a person’s life. One who has power has nothing, indeed, but the power to make people think that power is real; that power can control their lives - thus, a corruption is born. Had people in this cruel world of 3004 realized the bozmarks were controling every aspect of their lives ; well it would be a much different story. Of course, I the hero noticed, I Samueli Warco, saved them all from the monsterous people turned into bozmarks. The monsters formed in an asylum never herd of. Of course I’m spoiling everything now it’s a party we’re at now let me tell you the full story. Grab a drink it’s gona be a long and nightmarish night.

First I supose I should clarify what exactly a bozmark is. They looked just like normal people, but were just pupets, i’m still searching for the pupetmaster however.

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