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” Hey, dork” Britany snickered, her brown hair in a strait cheer leader ponytail, her 10000$ dollar outfit flawless. “Oh, back off,” I snapped, my red hair extremly tight curly, my makeup probaly smudged. “Oh, look’s like nerd girl is mad. too bad. i do not care,” She smirked, and sashayed away with her clone-like friends. “I hate Miss drama girl” I said harshly and grumbled off.

And then I realized that this was all pointless! The bad grammar, syntax, plot, and characters that made up my life were just that. Bad! Worthless! No good! I immediately decided to straighten myself back up. I dyed my hair back to its original color, which was brown, stopped damaging it with curling irons, and brought my grades back. I backed off on Minecraft, and LoL, and Black Ops and decided to to volunteer. Even if I was nerd, I would be an amiable person, and nice to everyone. Even Britany, who was actually really pretty and only mean to me because I had made fun of her all through elementary school. End.

But there was one more battle to fight, Britany still controled the school. But revenge came, I had control of what she most wanted; John the cutest boy in our school. Every girl likes him but he has asked me out ! Britany is trying to make my life awful but I got defence. This time I truly won for the finalie. Or is it really the end?

Obviously it’s not. Britany had a card she played that ruined my life, her life, and my family’s. I had to stop whatever her plan was. I know now of course since I’m telling you this. But back then, I thought I won. I didn’t gloat or react. This angered her even more. Though peace and quiet reighned for 3 weeks, Britany was getting desparate. She wanted her popularity back. NOW. It was only a mater of time untill she relesed the problem.

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