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As he climed into the cockpit of the hovering machine, he got ready for what might be the most important race of his life. He harnessed himself in place and pulled his goggle down over his eyes "this is it" he thought to himself. He had waited for this moment for years. Hoping and praying that he would get here. But now that he was he had other things on his mind. He was crashing down fast, a moment kater, Bob had died…

Or atleast, he thought he had died. The world went dark, and he was left in a sort of emptiness. The nausea was intense. The pain was pulsing in his neck. He wanted to sleep. "Let me sleep. Black is my friend".

Meanwhile Sally had prepaired their home for Bens return. She didn’t know about the race, nor did she know about the incident. She was humming a little silly song. She was a lttlle excited, she must admit. Yesterday when she was with Ben, they had finally agreed to apply for parentship. It would be a long way to go, tests and grades to pass. But she really wanted this, and the little song in her head hummed like a lullaby.

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