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A cold howl of wind zipped through the deserted house. It was a harsh, shallow sound, almost a rattling, or perhaps it was more of a thumping - but it was an eerie, haunted sound nonetheless.

Upstairs in the spare bedroom a window was open and through it crawled a person. This person had with him a bag, and in this bag was the body of Delanie Wilcox a 20 year old college student at Georgia Tech. The person left the bag on the floor and quietly climbed down the vines on the side of the old house and jumped to the ground.

The next morning a horrible scream was heard in the Falor Mansion. The one abandoned for 10 years and still not considered haunted. Of course that fact was changed that day. The house turned blood red by the time the police arrived. Everyone knew no one lived there. Then who could have screamed ? And that’s when Harlem was notified. Harlem, the greatest detective of all time. This case seemed that important. But a simple girl was hiding, following, watching, putting the REAL clues together. Who was this girl?

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