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Alone in the forest was a young woman with the most lovely golden hair ever. With her back to the tallest tree she takes in the sounds of the forest. Wind and air rushing past leaves, the rumpling melody in time with the gust whirling her hair. her eyes green as a leaf, she whispers to me "don’t be scared"

Slowly backing away, i see her start to be hidden be the trees. i can’t take that, "No! Come back!" I scream, running towards the clearing. "Please, just don’t go" I beg. "Child, i will not. my trust lies with you. you must not tell anyone i am here, let alone i have existence. i have carried my secret for millenia." she spoke, her voice like birds chirping, light, fresh, airy, but proud, just and wise. I know she will not tell me, and nothing I can say will stop her from leaving. Her eyes are brilliant and I do my best to remember them as she continues to back away.

As she backs away, she slowly begins to fade. Before my eyes, she becomes a cloud of mist. The mist becomes a cloud and from the cloud there shines a blinding light.

I open my eyes, which then flick over the clock. It’s nine in the morning. The sun has come up over the trees and is now seeping through the cheap blinds covering the window. I sigh, rubbing my tired eyes. Another forest lady dream, huh? I stretch my long limbs before pushing myself out of bed, heading for the bathroom. It’s been the same damn thing for years. Ever since I can remember. And although it’s not every night, the dream is so vivid….like it’s a memory, not a dream. And it’s always the same. The same forest, the same woman, and the same bright light. And then, like always, before I can get any sort of closure, I wake up. I wonder however if perhaps it isn’t a memory from the past, but the future. No, that doesn’t make sense future memory, but still part of me wonders.

The next day, I go to class where my Environmental Science teacher announces that there will be an extra-credit field trip to the forest. I become exited for i may now see the gourgeous creature haunting the visions i call dreams. No, i decide it’s a dream but the vividness is impossible to forget. I need to go on this trip anyways, I’m failing at physics so I need to make it up somehow. A part of me still lingers on the dream of the lady and hopes she is real and I shall find her. I need to grow up I decide.

But the childish desire to meet the beutifull woman in my dreams lingers. I raise my hand up when she asks who’s coming. Dhelly, Bob, Shaira, and me raise our hands. "No one else ?" my teacher asked the class. I was horrified I’m doing something with the least popular kids in school ! Wait, they all seem to be really edgy. Ugh, I’m just thinking of the trip now.

A week later on the bus ride there I can’t help thinking about the dream. Staring out the window consumed in thought. I’m not even sure what it is that I was trying to find out from her. But every time i have the vis.. dream, it’s just a recuring dream nothing more, it’s the same. Also, why would she tell me not to be scared then run? Who is she? What does she mean her trust lies with me? I tell meself to stop being childish and that it was just a dream, they usually don’t make sense. Thats when she, a beautiful readhead girl that i’ve never seen in my life, asks "whacha thinkin about?"

"Nothing… Just a weird dream I’ve been having." I say smiling at her politely, unsure what to say and trying not to make a fool of myself.

"Hm. Why don’t you tell me about it?" She gives an odd smile, and it sends shivers down my spine – happy shivers or alarm bells, I can’t tell, but shivers nonetheless. I don’t remember ever seeing a redhead in this class before. Maybe she was always a part of the class and I just didn’t notice? But then again, how couldn’t I have noticed a beauty like her? Her bright red hair stands out. Ah, I have to reply before it becomes obvious that I zoned out! What do I say…? Something makes me want to keep talking to her, but I don’t think telling her about the dream would be a good idea.

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