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“Don’t touch it!” yelled Crowley “Don’t…it…changes things!”. but it was too late. to crowley’s horror, josh held the gold statue. "Crowley, you are crazy." but then. crowley and josh scremed in agony and pain as they changed: josh suddenly grew large raven wings, crowley had fangs. "Ahh!" both boys yelled, looking at each other. Their flesh began to disintegrate, falling to the floor as thick piles of noxious fluid and sagging skin. Slowly, the the liquid began to congeal and and take on a new form. The boys’ had fused into one being.

The monster –¬†as that was the only thing it could now be called – roared furiously, spraying venemous spittle everywhere. It’s only purpose now was to grow.

And grow it did as over the next few weeks the boys mind was changed into the teerorizing Thing they had turned into. In the ancient times it was called a , /!\Wrackers/!\ and considered the most cursed creature ever. the curse all started LONG ago in a town called (=^ ^=).

Suddenly, a missile was right up ahead the monster’s path, the monster tried to destroy, with it’s monstrous power, it died. But since its very existance was a curse froma story looooong forgotten the man that killed a /!\Wrackers/!\ became the next one. For some weird reason there ALWAYS was a guy that killed the monster, but never a woman. People would some times bring their wives to a hunt so the monster would be a voided.

The killers of the beast started to celebrate, unaware of the consequences of their missile strike.

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