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I walked into the school that first day, I see some of my old friends from 8th grade standing in a small cluster by the some of lockers. I start to walk over to them when suddenly, they start to walk away. Never being one to catch on too quickly, I ran after them.

But they started to run away rather than just walk. I tried calling out to them, but they ignored me. I wondered aloud, "is this a joke, or a rite of passage for those entering junior high?" I stood there staring for a moment then yelled out. "I don’t understand why you are running away; I’m not any different than you are!"

One of my friends then said "You’re the least popular kid in school." When I heard that line, I remembered getting myself humiliated at school. Shocked, I walked away. Then I realized how shallow those friendships had been, discarded as a useless individual, when all of them had also shamelessly embarrassed themselves many times in my presence. Take, for instance, Joe Welsher, who had eaten garden slugs on a dare and spent a night at the hospital to the tune of four hundred dollars. Kathy Bearden with her skateboard finesse, had managed to break her left arm, collarbone and separate her shoulder, all while trying to prove a point. So I wasn’t the only one who had embarrassed myself, and certainly not worthy of the title, "least popular kid in school".

That moment I determined to change their perspective of me, to gain some respect through whatever means necessary. But, how to do it, and make the greatest impact, that was the question before me. Did I want them to be in awe of my power, wealth or fame one day so that they would feel foolish for treating me this way? Or did I want to embarrass them as they had humiliated me? Or was it something much darker than that, something more permanent that I had in mind? What was it that people would remember for generations to come? What would shock them out of their dull, technological trance, forcing them to notice me? Simultaneous rage and shame inhabited my thoughts, consuming and changing me within, drawing forth the beast contained within all of us; revenge.

I felt the adrenaline begin to rush through my veins.

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