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“Now gather ‘round, boys! This is gonna be the best story y’all ever heard!” In the saloon, it seems like everyone says that. But almost everyone is looking at the man telling the story. “Now, I ain’t the kind of person t’ brag, but have you ever heard about the time I was surrounded by the Wilson brothers? T’was a dark and stormy night. It was the best night I ever had because it was summer, until the Wilson brothers came in. They were scared, Orville’s sweaty brow, Hank’s twitching trigger finger, and Judd’s brave speech spoken through parched faltering lips, didn’t fool me a bit. I could hear quivering in every ragged breath that Hank was drawing; I almost felt bad for these two-time losers because I knew how this would turn out. Of course Judd, impetuous fool that he was, started it all by overestimating his limited firearm skills.

Of course it began with a woman, a tender sensuous school teacher in Wellsdale Falls that Hank wanted for his own. Hank was a clumsy brute of a man, both in movement and speech, never quite knowing the proper way to address anyone, much less a refined lady like Sara Parker. Miss Parker, as her students called her, was in her late 20’s with long brown flowing hair perched above a small frame which appeared to have been chiseled from diamonds and ivory. Possessing elegant grace and charm beyond her years, she would never be seen with a man like Hank Wilson, and he knew it. That was what attracted him to her so much; the fact that he knew he didn’t deserve her, and couldn’t have her, in any sense of the word.

Sara knew men, inasmuch as she knew the types of men she had encountered in Wellsdale Falls. Hank was one of "those" men who surreptitiously watched her over the top of his whiskey glass, who pretended to be going the same direction she went so he could watch her with his lusting, baleful eyes. She knew Hank, and dozens like him, but she never trusted a single word from his mouth or favor from his hand. Every deed, every action was suspect and she had no intention of being alone with him for any reason.

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