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I was walking down the street when I realised, there was a bug in my hair. I noticed it in the most unpleasant manner of reaching to adjust my hat, upon which I shortly discovered the bug, clinging to my right earlobe.

As I looked closer at the bug, I was astonished, it possessed a quite unique pattern determining that it was a rare species. So I pulled out my field guide only to discover something very bizarre.

This bug was a made up creature from my faveorite story. In the book the bug made funny but stupid jokes that unlock the secrets of life and other stuff no one cares about. Suddenly, the bug introduced itself ! I freaked out, ran home with it clinging on, and yelled at it to get off.

"Hey, don’t shy away from me! I’m your best friend!", the bug exclaimed in an offended voice. I couldn’t belive what I was hearing, and found myself terrified that I might have gone crazy. Crazy! Feelig confused I ran into the living room. I sat down on the sofa, and tried to calm myself down. I started to breathe a little slower, and looked at the bug. It looked fairly innocent. I put it at my ear to convince myself the talking thing never happened. Silence. Then it shouted: "Hellloooooo!"

This bug would not be silenced. "Who are you?" I asked the bug. "I’m you" it replied.

"No, I’m me, you’re… I don’t know."

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