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She lived in her parents’ house for years. The windows were tightly locked- the shades taped to allow no light inside. The only light that came in was from the small, hairline cracks of the dusty roof of the single story house; but the light was dirty and it was weak. Sometimes, there would be rats that would squeak past her, over her, sometimes they would get stuck in her long hair.

But, as of late, they have stopped coming, and their squeaks leave everything very empty. One day, she thinks, they’ll come back. Just like Momma and Daddy. They’ll come back. They have to.

But she wasn’t sure whether she was talking about the vermin or her parents, and she wasn’t sure, either, if there was a difference. The very thought of her parents put goosebumps on her skin. She longs for one night, just one, without having to remember…

The nightmares were a constant reminder, sending her tossing and turning, fleeing from the one thing that she fears most to uncover. How long had it been? She doesn’t care to count, but she knows that the day will come when she will be free again; free from the torment and viscious solitude that her mind endures day after hated day.

Part of her knew however that neither her body nor her mind could go on like this much longer. She was depressed without the rats as they were the only things she could sense properly; without them it was sensory deprivation long day after long day. Her thoughts started lingering on the nightmares and thoughts of suicide went thru her head. No, she decided strongly I won’t be weak or an idiot. Suddenly she heard a noise she barely heard anymore. Talking. She cheered up for a minute and then go VERY sacared. What if they were like the last people, cruel, cold, dinner.

Alan broke down the door of the abandoned house. He and his partner had been investigating the strage dissapearences in this town as of late. They had begun checking every dark corner of the city for something, any sort of clue.

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