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“I free the warrior, daughter of time, betrayed through love” a beautiful yet powerful looking face appeared in the stars. She had black-brown hair, harsh gold eyes and sepia skin. her lips were curved in a just smile, her eyes flashing. “I free the warrior” the girl’s body materilized , and appeared to the ground. “Thank you,” she said “Now who do we hunt?” She asked, holding her weapons. “Everyone.”

"Who are you?" The girl asked. " I am the last of the first kind to walk the planet. i have seen everyone destroy it. now, it is time to pay." The figure said. THe girl cocked her beautiful head. "Do you have any enemies?" She asked. "No, unless Storm and Stone come. but they, don’t know." he said, nervous. "Okay." The girl said, keeping away the subject.

She picked up a small stone from a nearby stream, the water from which flowed like crystals and diamonds, and she whispered: "Storm and Stone don’t know, yet.",

"And you wont tell them will you? You have too much Promise." The girl flares up in anger. "You are not supposed to know," she hisses. "Let’s end this before They ruin us."

The man arched his back and scratched his head- a habit. We don’t even know each other’s name and yet we are the Destroyers, he mused. She’s pretty, shame that I hate already.

"Look," he said in a cool tone, trying to be calm, "You don’t like me, I don’t prefer you in any way either. But we both have more Promise in our little fingers than all the people we will meet have combined. So let’s end this, and begin anew like it was supposed to be. The Everyone are an evil organization, the sooner they die, the sooner we wont see each other."

She turns her head at him, and a breeze catches locks of her, hair swirling them around her. He is almost smitten (the sun is setting and the gold tones of its light bring out her amber eyes and make her skin darker and richer), but the arrogant way she holds her head and the cruel line of her lips as they quirk into a harsh smirk make bile rise in his throat. He has the odd urge to smash his fist into her exposed neck (and he’s pretty sure they’ll duke out in the end, considering that they are Promised Ones and never in the history of Earth have Promised Ones ever gotten along. It’s in the genetics, and in they way two forces made to lead collide when confronted by the possibility of following instead of, say, leading, or, preferably, ruling.) "That’s a plan," and her voice, he notices, is equally harsh and reminds him of water crashing onto rocks.

Of course the girl had her own feelings for the man. He had freed her from the cage she had been traped in for eons. This factor and his obviously outrageous looks at first had her smitten. Then the genetics kicked in a split second later and that was all over quickly. "What’s your name ?", she demanded. "Mine is Shaphir ." He replied amused, "Mine is Soman ." Now ahem……………. formaly introduced the both started setting up camp to sleep in tonight. Tommorow would only just be the beggining.

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