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Ben lay in his bed, topless, tapping mindlessly at his computer. It was 4:37 and he knew he should have be sleeping, but it was only in the middle of the night where he felt sane, not-quite happy, but content. There was no-one to bother him and he could do really what ever he wanted. He had to go to tutoring tomorrow morning and he felt almost certain he would fall asleep in the middle of it. He debated whether or not he should go see his friends after the lesson - he hated social occasions and he didn’t really feel like they were his friends. On the other hand, he had said he would go and do whatever it was they wanted - maybe play a few video games, even if they were a bit violent for his taste.

Ben contemplated this for a few minutes then shut off his computer and decided after 2 hours of sleep he might be able to decide. He knew that it was time he met some real friends. That’s easier said than done though. How was Ben supposed to meet people when he lived in a place like Salistown?

He changed his mind, who cares anyways, right ? He was so popular online it was funny and these ‘friends’ were morons from his class. Oh well, he promised. And then he realized prom was in 2 weeks and he just met a girl named Sacura chan and he REALLY liked her. But he doubted she even noticed him. He checked the time again, it was only 4:50. He needed some sleep, maybe by some twisted couincedense tommorow would actually be good. Naaa he decided, whatever. He promptley fell asleep and had the weirdest dream of his life. The dream consisted of him standing next to Sacura, but they both had the antlers of a moose, and they were standing on a clouds, looking out into oblivion, when suddenly Sacura kissed Ben, and he suddenly woke up

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