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Darkness. I can’t say it was a pleasant experience, but something about the cold wrap of the wind off the water, the moon peering through the cave opening above, was almost comforting in a way. The shivering feeling that travels up my spine when I stare deep into the moon, the bloodlust, it consumes me. For a moment, I wished I hadn’t decided to make this trek in the middle of the night, but then I remembered why I had come. I was searching for the diary, in which I would find the answers to everything that had bemused me so far.

The night wasn’t exactly silent, birds crooning in the trees and crickets twiddling their wings, but it was close enough to be eerie. The landscape was striped with shadows reeking of death and mold.

The perfect environment for the diary of unamaginable terror. The answer, to the strange…………. things that have been going on,were in that diary.

People called me a monster for the things which I had done. But I’m just a human strugling with my demons just like anybody else.

Voyaging through this ancient cave, passing through pillars of moonlight, I found it; a chest, crafted of iron, covered in designs that flash images through my mind. Is this curse bringing up the memories of others, or are these my own, long repressed? I unbind the key from my neck to open the chest.

At first i see nothing, so I reach deeper in, it can’t be empty.

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